SGB300-1200 hollow wall winding pipe production line equipment



Even a molding machine



Pipe diameter range


Extrusion capacity


It can produce pipe type

Hollow coil tube

After-sales service

The door installation, the warranty for one year






  SGB300-1200 hollow wall winding pipe production line equipment is my factory in combination with the international advanced equipment developed by the new pipe equipment, has the production speed, molding process stability. Production line adopts the most advanced modular design, operation and maintenance is very convenient.

  SGB1200 hollow coil pipe production line of steel tubes with high density polyethylene as the main raw material, by the first extruder extrusion tube by cooling presses shapes round square tube, and then into the winding machine, at the same time the second extruder extrusion melt glue glue the square tube in a spiral form, its internal and external wall level off is smooth, specifications from 300-1200 - mm,

  According to the different conditions of use ring stiffness is divided into four grades, and maximum 16 kn/m2, this kind of tubing corrosion resistance, light quality, easy installation, high flux flow, and the advantages of long service life (50 years), alternative energy materials (cement, iron, ceramics, etc.) production of pipe material, widely used in highway, municipal construction, residential area, playground, square, mining, agriculture, culverts, Bridges, and other fields of drainage sewage pipe.

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